- custom exotic luthiery -

Since the year 2000 I have been designing and building exotic experimental and professional instruments for myself and other musicians globally. Because of my extensive experience with Western, Indian, and Middle-eastern music and musical instruments my speciality is in cross pollinating instruments and building techniques between these cultures. The results have been some very interesting and successful hybrid instruments and "multi-instruments" (more than one instrument in one single instrument). My clients have included myself, Arnab Chakravarti (India), Vladiswar Nadishana (Russia) , Lloyd Thayer (USA), Christophe Godbille (France), Peppe Frana (Italy), Jai Andrews (Hawaii), Leonardo Jeszensky (Brazil), Rick Henderson (USA), Sudhir Kotecha (UK), Shoaib Burq (Germany), Henrik Drescher (Denmark), Jari James (UK), Shankar Narayan (Canada), C.S. Balasubramanian (India), Abhijit Nath (India), Arnab Chattopadhyay (India), Helen Demirova (Ukraine), and others.

The musicians who come to me are generally those who realize I am perhaps the only luthier who has the particular experience and expertise to be able to create for them what they have in mind. Perhaps it is a combination of an oud and a guitar that they ask for... or they would like an Indian instrument built for them using guitar and lute building techniques... or perhaps they would like a fretless version of their instrument or they would like to add sympathetic strings. For example Nadishana wanted a guitar with a sitar bridge which would be fully adjustable and tunable. He also wanted sliders attached to his sympathetic strings making each string "pitch adjustable" like a harp or kanun.

I have had so many requests over the years from musicians with fascinating original ideas and designs and I wish I had had the time to build all of them. When building for others prices are always correlating to amount of time needed for the job. All my instruments, regardless of the amount of decoration, are built with the same quality of sound and durability.

Edward Powell

Sept. 21, 2016