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I am willing, within reason, to build basically any original, or hybrid, exotic, unconventional, imaginary, fantastic, dream instrument you can come up with. :) I am also willing to build conventional instruments but feel that those "standardized" instruments are better left to those makers who specialize in them. I will not build an instrument for you if I am not convinced it is a good idea. Tell me your idea and I will be honest with you regarding what I feel the pro/cons will be in terms of sound, playability, structural longevity, aesthetic beauty... and more. I am happy to bounce back and forth design ideas and drawings before we make the final decision whether or not to go through with the project.

I work within a range of budgets... it all depends on how much workshop time will be involved and what materials will be required and/or preferred.

Waiting time to receive an instrument from me is between 6 and 18 months depending on the complexity of the instrument and how busy I am. Instruments can be affordably and safely shipped anywhere in the world. Unless separately arranged with me instruments do not come with a case or gig bag, however I can order high quality custom gig bags for reasonable prices.